Collection: Acoustic Slat Wall Panels

Welcome to the world of stunning accent walls created from acoustic slat wall panels that are specially designed to combine aesthetic appeal and provide noise insulation benefits. These top-of-the-line soundproofing panels are constructed from high-density felt backing and slats or strips of sound-absorbing material arranged in a pattern on a wall to improve the acoustics of a room, and contain unwanted noise. Furthermore, they are wrapped in a heavy-duty wood veneer finish that gives your space a stunning new look. Commonly used in various settings to reduce noise, control reverberation, and create a more comfortable and pleasant environment. They can be installed horizontally or vertically and cut to any shape. The versatility and customization options allows for endless possibilities. Not to mention the ease of installation  makes for a speedy renovation project for any space. 

Acoustic Slat Wall Panel Styles:

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    • Improved sound quality
    • Unrivaled soundproofing
    • High-density acoustic felt
    • Reduce echo, reverberation
    • Excellent noise insulation
    • Contain unwanted noise
    • Quick, easy installation
    • Install horizontally or vertically
    • Endless possibilities

Beauty Combined With Functionality

Soundproof Panels

Our acoustic slat wall panels combine the luxury and beauty of wood and performance. Made from unrivaled soundproofing material for walls. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the finest acoustic slat panels on the market.

  • Improved Sound Quality
  • Contain Noise
  • Sound Absorption
  • Easy Installation
  • Endless Design Options
  • Luxury Wood Veneer Finish

Endless benefits and possibilities

Additional Benefits

Improved Acoustics:

Acoustic slat wall panels absorb sound reflections, reducing echo and improving speech intelligibility in a room.

Aesthetic Enhancement:

These panels enhance the visual appeal of a space, adding texture and design while serving a functional purpose.


Acoustic slat wall panels can be installed in various areas, including offices, conference rooms, restaurants, lobbies, educational facilities, and more.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Great for any space


Offices: Acoustic slat wall panels help create a quieter and more productive workspace by reducing noise distractions.

Restaurants and Cafes: These panels create a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience by minimizing noise levels.

Conference Rooms: Acoustic slat wall panels improve audio clarity during meetings and presentations.

Educational Institutions: These panels enhance learning environments by reducing noise and improving speech intelligibility.

Residential Spaces: Acoustic slat wall panels can be used in living rooms, home theaters, bedrooms, and other areas to create better sound quality.

Hotels & Hospitality: Wonderful for help desks, lobbies and feature/accent walls. Excellent for soundproofing rooms to keep guest harmonious and happy.