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Stainless Steel Effect Wall Panels

Stainless Steel Effect Wall Panels and backsplashes are a durable, hygienic, and modern choice for accenting kitchen walls, islands, cabinets, and more. Our stainless steel effect wall panels are constructed from premium wood polymer composite (WPC) with a durable protective layer. They offer high resistance to heat, stains, and corrosion, making them ideal for areas near stoves and sinks. Easy to clean and maintain, stainless steel reflects light to brighten spaces and comes in various finishes to suit different kitchen styles. Its versatility allows for customization in size and shape, integrating well with other materials for a seamless, professional look. While typically more expensive, its long-term durability and aesthetic appeal justify the investment for many homeowners.

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Flexible Natural Stone Wall Tiles

Flexible Stone Wall

Flexible Stone Wall

Flexible Stone Wall premium real veneer stone wall tiles. Constructed from ultra-thin layer of real stone veneer making for a light-weight and versatile stone wall tile. The mesh backing ads extra durability and allows installation on any surface just like real stone tiles.

How to Install Flexible Stone Wall

Easy Installation

No tile saw necessary. Simply cut with utility knife or skill/table saw. Apply tile mortar or cement on mesh backing and stick onto the wall. (cement type varies on surface type and application.)

Flexible Stone Wall

Optional Grout

Depending on the look you're trying to achieve, you an apply grout to fill in the spacing.