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Exterior slat wall paneling, the best way to enhance the visual appeal of exterior walls by adding texture, depth, and architectural interest. In addition to visually enhancing outdoor spaces, these exterior wall panels are weatherproof,  UV, and water resistant. Constructed from high-impact Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) materials specifically designed to withstand outdoor elements.

These exterior slat wall panels come in a wood-like texture finish which adds a warm and aesthetic just like real wood. Great for reshaping and renovating backyards, patios, balconies, bar & BBQ islands, and any exterior walls.

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    • Weather proof
    • Water & moisture proof
    • UV-sun resistant
    • Wood grain finish/texture
    • High-impact composite wood
    • Does not fade or warp over time
    • Easy installation
    • No moisture barrier needed
    • Looks & Feels like real wood
Black Exterior Slat Wall Paneling for Outdoors

Exterior Slat Panels

Reshaping outdoors

Reshape your exterior spaces with heavy-duty slat panels for outdoors. Great renovation project for backyards, fences, patios, balconies, outdoor bars, and any exterior walls.

teak exterior wall paneling

Accent Walls

Accent walls for exteriors

Exterior slat accent walls are are a great way to enhance the visual appeal and architectural interest of the exterior of a building. They can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the desired look trying to achieve.

Dark Brown Exterior Slat Wall Paneling for Outdoors

Slat Panels for Outdoors


Aesthetics: Exterior slat accent walls add texture, depth, and character to a building's facade, making it visually appealing and distinctive.

Privacy: Slat walls increase privacy by providing an extra sound barrier layer to thin walls. Great for blocking out unwanted noise.

Weather Protection: Made from the toughest materials, our slat walls can offer protection against sun, wind, rain, and other weather elements.

Sustainable Design: Constructed from recycled composites and other environmentally friendly materials contribute to a more eco-friendly design.

How to Install Exterior Slat Wall Paneling

Installing exterior slat wall paneling is very easy. As you can see in the video below, only required basic power tools and screws. The type of screws depend on the mounting surface. The small channels are designed to hide the screws for a seamless look. These can be mounted directly to the wall or onto a horizontal or vertical furring wood strips.