About us

SlatSolution is a leading manufacture and distributor of wood wall paneling in the United States. We offer the widest range of wall covering solutions to enhance your interior or exterior spaces. Our products are manufactured using the latest technology in recycling and sourced from sustainable resources which allows us to provide consumers with an affordable solution in luxury wall paneling

"Where Luxury Meets Affordability"



Established in 2001, SlatSolution began as a small carpentry business in San Diego, CA. After discovering that most luxury wood wall paneling products were sourced from unsustainable forestry and depleting natural resources, SlatSolution decided to produce innovative wall paneling products by using only recycled materials as an eco-friendly alternative.

Mission: Our mission is to produce luxury wood wall paneling products that provide eco-friendly alternatives in the wood wall paneling industry. SlatSolution utilizes the latest technology in recycling ♻ materials which allow us to be innovative as well as the low-cost leaders in the industry.

Values: SlatSolution produces premium, luxury products at an affordable price. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our products and not just the upper-class.