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Discover the most lavish wood slat wall panels on the market. Constructed from solid wood and covered in a luxurious wood veneer finish. These wood panels can quickly give your space an entire new lease on life. Creating feature and accent walls from wood slats has become a very popular interior design choice because of the versatility, ease of installation, and wide range of customization options. Furthermore, our slat wall panels can be installed horizontally or vertically and cut to any shape allowing for creativity and a unique look to fit your aesthetics. The possibilities are endless with these slat panels. 

Wood Slat Wall Panel Styles:

  • Stout Slat Panels are classic thick, 19mm, strips and provide a more pronounced 3D slat effect.
  • Sleek Slat Panels have thinner, 9.5mm, strips and have a more low-profile and sleek appearance.
  • Broad Slat Panels have the widest 1" salts and provide a bold faced slat.

Depending on your preference and the desired visual effect, all of these wood slat wall panels will provide an updated look to any home or commercial space. Excellent solution for a quick and easy renovation or interior design project. 

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Made from Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) and covered in a durable wood veneer-like finish. These fluted slat wall panels look and feel just like real wood. The only difference is the price.

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    • Constructed from solid wood
    • Durable wood veneer finish
    • Noise insulation benefits
    • Cover old, thin walls
    • Commercial & Residential
    • Offices, homes, hotels, schools
    • Easy installation
    • Seamless tongue and groove
    • Install horizontally or vertically

Luxury & Beauty Combined

Wood Slat Wall Panels

Wood slat wall panels are the most popular choice for wall coverings because of the design elements. Slat panels can be used to enhance the aesthetics and adds depth and texture to interior spaces. These wall panels will drastically transform the look of your interior space.

Versatile & Timeless Design

Endless Possibilities

Living Spaces:

Wood slat wall panels can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Retail Environments:

These panels can add a rustic or modern touch to retail spaces, helping to define sections or display areas.

Restaurants and Cafes:

Wood slat wall panels contribute to a warm and comfortable dining ambiance in restaurants and cafes.


Wood slat wall panels can be incorporated in office design to add character and break up large, open spaces.

Feature/Accent Walls:

Create eye-catching feature walls by using wood slat panels to draw attention to a particular area.

Speedy Renovation Project

Easy Installation

Quickly transform the look and feel of any space with these top-of-the-line wood slat wall panels. They can be installed horizontally, vertically, and cut to any shape. This versatility allows for a quick and easy transformation and endless design possibilities.